Fantastic event at B-Bar, NYC

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our March 28, 2017 Airway event at B-Bar @bbarnyc! Stories ranged from a pathologist who accidentally flushed a resected colon down the toilet to an ER doc working to save the life of a child in a resource-poor country.   Special thanks to Essential of Emergency Medicine for sponsoring.  Look out for our next event and keep those stories coming!

Next AIRWAY on tap at AAEM’s AA in Orlando FL, March 18th @ 7:30pm


AIRWAY is opening a busy of season of storytelling for 2017 at AAEM‘s Academic Assembly in the otherworldly city of Orlando. AAEM was one of the first organizations to hit us up after word got out about AIRWAY, so we are excited to join them!

Per usual, the evening holds the unknown thrills and depths of our days in the ED.  Hosted by the incomparable Billy Mallon, the event will be sure to inspire/challenge/provoke you into perhaps getting up and telling your own tale!  No judgement….just wear something nice…

..jk….     ….remember we’re all in this together, and we love you all.

And if you want some feedback for a story you may be thinking about, send a complete audio recording of your story along with your name, email address, and telephone number to by the end of February; click here for step-by-step instructions on how to record and send in your story.

The show starts at 7:30pm, cash bar available, there will be a sign up list for those who are inclined.  Looking forward to seeing you all there, lets get it on in Orlando!

Click Here to register for the Academic Assembly.  See you in March.

AIRWAY in NYC (our beautiful home)! Mar 28 @ 7:30PM


Some awesome news coming down the pipeline! For the first time, All NYC EM and Essentials of EM are pairing up to put on what promises to be a phenomenal joint conference for EM residents in the New York City area. Even better, the two organizations are helping us to put together our next AIRWAY, one of the best pre-conference social events ever! True to the mission of AIRWAY, this night guarantees a host of stories guaranteed to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you remember why you decided to become an emergency physician in the first place.

Interested in telling your own story at the event? Like that time when you accidentally locked yourself in the clean utility closet? Or when you reduced a shoulder with one finger while blindfolded? Don’t be shy! We want to hear it! Send a complete audio recording of your story along with your name, email address, and telephone number to by no later than March 1, 2017. (If you need a little help on the technology end, click here for step-by-step instructions on how to record and send in your story.)

Like all AIRWAY events, this event will be free to all who register ahead of time. Doors open at 7PM, show starts at 7:30PM. Our top-secret, super-hip, downtown Manhattan venue will be announced in mid-March. Don’t forget to check back for the details. Please note that this event will not be livestreamed. Got to be there in person to see the awesomeness.

Visit the official event page on the Essentials of EM site to register!

AIRWAY goes virtual


Starting on Monday November 28th, AIRWAY will launch its new online story platform. The remarkable success of the live events has spurred the development of an online forum to reach a broader community of emergency physicians and providers across the country. We all have stories to tell. And perhaps even more importantly, we all have a need to listen. By sharing our stories through this virtual community we hope to continue the original mission of AIRWAY on a much bigger scale — that is, to connect emergency physicians and providers across the country in a way that suggests that none of are alone and that we are all here to fight the good fight together.

Rather than a traditional podcast, our virtual stage will feature uncurated single stories as told by the residents and physicians themselves. If you’d like to submit a story to our collection, please visit the STORIES page or click here for additional instructions.



AIRWAY’s Arlene Chung named as the Chief Strategic Officer for the ALiEM Wellness Think Tank


In early October 2016, Academic Life in Emergency Medicine launched their latest initiative, the Wellness Think Tank. This group of Emergency Medicine residents from across multiple residency programs in both the United States and Canada will address the issues of burnout, wellness, and resilience in a grassroots effort in order to catalyze change from the ground up. The Think Tank leadership includes faculty from diverse programs, all passionate about wellness, including AIRWAY’s Arlene Chung.

For more information on the Wellness Think Tank, visit their website hosted on the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine blog.