Tyler Beals, MD
is an emergency medicine resident at Maimonides Medical center who will be an emergency ultrasound fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess in 2017.  His interest in storytelling was piqued by The Moth and Risk storytelling organizations, and he believes that no one has better stories to tell than ER docs.  He enjoys cooking with a beer and a cast iron skillet and stays centered by playing classical piano.


Arlene S. Chung, MD (twitter @arlenesujin) is an Assistant Program Director for the Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Residency. She is an advocate for resident and physician wellness in multiple national wellness leadership roles, including her current position as Chief Strategic Officer for the ALiEM Wellness Think Tank. She enjoys listening to great stories (and writing terrible ones) and spends her free time reading any type of fiction that she can get her hands on.

Mert Erogul, MD 
is an emergency physician at Maimonides Medical Center who is convinced of the value of stories to shape how we encounter our work and other aspects of professional development. He writes and and published in the Threepenny Review, the New York Times and other venues.  He also teaches a course about humanities and medicine to medical students at SUNY Downstate School of Medicine.

Josh Schiller, MD 
is currently an APD in the Dept of EM at Maimonides Medical Center.  He is a big believer in the power of stories, and encourages residents (as well as anyone else who listens) to read as many books as possible outside the profession to gain perspective and context to the work that we do.